While NZ’s tax system is ranked well among developed nations for being fair, relatively simple (in comparison to other countries) and competitive, it’s still a complex subject. For those of us earning money through PAYE alone, taxes come out through our pay and we are not required to file a personal tax return. When you add other factors like owning a business, overseas income, tax credits or dividends, things get more complicated.

While most of us can get through life without needing a solid understanding of tax law, some people get tripped up. Whether through bad advice, mistakes or unexpected circumstances, people find themselves in tax arrears. The best course of action in this case is to seek out the services of an experienced tax specialist or tax lawyer.

What Exactly is a Tax Lawyer?

Tax lawyers are lawyers specialising through study and trade in the intricacies of the NZ tax system. Tax lawyers could work for the IRD, or they could help businesses and individuals avoid or get out of tax debt. They are knowledgeable in tax law, tax jargon and tax investigations. They know what the IRD’s goals are and how to manage a tax debt negotiation effectively. They can help you with everything from general tax advice to tax disputes and even criminal tax matters.

When Should I Get Help from a Tax Lawyer?

Many people never need the services of a tax lawyer in New Zealand. However, if you are in business and want general advice on avoiding tax issues, a tax lawyer is a great person to speak to. If you find yourself in debt to the IRD, then you are definitely at the point of requiring a tax lawyer to work on your behalf.

Trying to manage tax arrears by yourself is akin to a business owner forgoing the plumber to fix major office flooding alone. It’s best to call in the professionals, the experts in the field who will get the job done properly, efficiently and quickly.

Why You Should Call Tax Debt Sorted NZ’s Lawyers

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing a tax lawyer, you want the best. The lawyers at Tax Debt Sorted NZ have worked at the IRD so we understand how they operate, which gives us an advantage when it comes to negotiating tax debt on your behalf.

We also take on a unique approach because we care. Our first step is to really understand your story with compassion and without judgement, before putting on our tax lawyer hat and fighting to get you the very best outcome.

Wherever you are in NZ, whether in the bigger centres like Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, or a small town, our tax lawyers are here to help.