Tax Debt Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions people ask us.

What if I do nothing?
Interest and penalties will mount up and the IRD can start deducting money from your bank accounts, wages or salary.   Eventually the IRD will bankrupt you or liquidate your business. If legal action has started already, it is best you call us now.
The IRD have started legal action — can you still help?
Yes, definitely! We are lawyers and accountants who regularly help clients who have received legal proceedings from the IRD. It’s never too late, and because we are nationwide we can deal with cases from Invercargill to Kaitaia.
The IRD have already said NO
With our specialist knowledge, in most cases we can still help get your tax debt sorted.
The IRD are just being unreasonable — how can you help?
In most cases the IRD want the same outcome as you, but often you will need our help.   However, occasionally the IRD can get things wrong. If that happens, we can discuss with you a number of  legal remedies to obtain tax debt relief.
How can I get out of tax debt?
At our initial consultation we will explain the various options that are available and how we can get your tax debt sorted.
Can I pay my tax bill in installments?
At our initial consultation we will explain the various options that are available and how we can get your tax debt sorted.
Can the IRD take money from my bank account?
Yes – the IRD can issue a notice to your bank, your employer or anyone else that is holding money on your behalf, requiring payment direct to the IRD.
What if I can’t pay my taxes?
Call us – we understand that there are lots of  reasons why people and businesses get into tax debt. If you can’t pay, we can generally help you out with one or more or the options which the law allows.
How much deductions from wages?
The most the IRD can take is 20% of your before-tax earnings.
Can you help me avoid liqudiation or bankruptcy?
Yes. We can go to court for you and get the legal action stopped while we sort out your tax debt with the IRD.
But I have already got an accountant, so why do I need you?
We do not interfere with your relationship with you accountant or tax agent – although we may ask them to assist by providing certain information to us. We regularly work with accountants to resolve tax debt matters on behalf of their clients.
How much do you charge?
Our tax debt specialists are completely up-front with costs. Our fees are fixed, so there are no surprises. We do not charge a commissions or ‘success fees’. Each situation is unique, so once we have discussed your case at our initial consultation we will provide you with a fixed-fee quote to get your tax debt sorted.