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What Are Tax Debt Negotiators?

Tax debt negotiators are specialists who deal with the IRD on your behalf to get the best possible settlement to your tax arrears. When you try to manage tax debt on your own, it is easy to get confused by IRD jargon while getting bogged down by mounting penalties and interest. In the end, your tax debt situation has only worsened, as the interest and fees alone can double your debt in a few short years.

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Why you Might Need a Tax Debt Negotiator

An experienced tax debt negotiator will help you manage the situation quickly and effectively. They will get in touch with the IRD right away and set up a negotiation period, which puts a halt to any accruing late fees. They will then get to work identifying the best tax debt relief options and working with the IRD to either wipe all or part of the tax debt or agree to a manageable repayment plan.

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Why to Choose TDSNZ

The experts at Tax Debt Sorted NZ are unique among tax specialists because of our three-pronged ‘Listen, Evaluate, Negotiate’ approach. First, we won’t judge you but instead will listen to your unique situation and familiarise ourselves with your business. We then evaluate your tax debt, using our expertise to identify which relief option is best and most realistic. Finally, we sort your tax debt by negotiating with the IRD on your behalf. We are experts in our field, have vast tax law experience within the IRD, and are committed to getting our clients back on their feet financially.

Need an experienced tax debt negotiator? Get in touch with Tax Debt Sorted today.