Tax Debt Relief

tax debt relief

Tax Debt 101

For any number of reasons, people sometimes fall behind in their tax payments and end up in debt with the IRD. The effects of tax debt can snowball and you find yourself owing more and more money, accruing interest and penalties, and feeling hopeless that you will ever get out from underneath debt. It is a desperate and scary situation to be in tax debt, but there is a way out that doesn’t involve closed businesses or bankruptcy.

tax debt relief nz

Relief Options

By working with the trustworthy, knowledgeable and experience tax debt specialists at Tax Debt Sorted NZ, you can manage your tax debt. NZ tax laws and the IRD’s policies offer various relief options to help businesses and individuals pay off their debts. This can include paying off your tax bill in manageable installments as well as partial and full write-offs. The relief option that best suits you depends on your particular situation.

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How TDSNZ Can Help

Every tax debt situation is different, so it’s worthwhile getting a tax specialist onboard to tackle your unique needs. The TDSNZ team are experts in dealing with tax relief and communicating with the IRD to achieve a fair outcome. Whether you’re just realising that you are in arrears or even if the IRD has already started proceedings, we can help sort your taxes and get you back on track.


If you are in need of tax debt relief, our professional tax debt specialists can help. Get in touch with us today. We looking forward to assisting you.