Our tax lawyers help businesses and individuals break free from the mountain of tax debt. We understand how quickly a small tax problem can snowball out of control, making you feel as if you’ll never get out from underneath it. It is undoubtedly a scary time having the IRD breathing down your neck, especially since most people we speak to have gotten into this situation either by mistake, poor advice or unexpected scenarios.

Having worked at the IRD, our experienced tax lawyers understand how tax investigations work, what the IRD’s goals are and how the department operates. Having this knowledge and experience gives us the edge when it comes to helping you break free from the debt and repair your relationship with the IRD.

As soon as we are involved, we set up a tax debt negotiation period which stops further late payment penalties from accruing. Drawing on our vast knowledge of NZ tax law and IRD policy, we act quickly to negotiate the best possible resolution. If legal action has already started, our tax lawyers will work on your behalf to sort the situation as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Whether you are in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, or anywhere else across NZ, our income tax lawyers can help with a wide range of tax problems. We specialise in dealing with the legal aspects of tax debt and are completely transparent, making sure that you understand the entire process. Our services include: 

  • IRD investigations
  • Tax debt resolution
  • Tax disputes
  • Civil tax litigation
  • Insolvency
  • Criminal tax matters
  • General tax advice

Tax Debt Sorted NZ is founded by David Weaver, a former senior IRD tax lawyer sought-after across New Zealand and overseas for his expertise and efficiency when it comes to tax debt. David runs an experienced team know understand the NZ tax system inside and out. If you are struggling with tax debt, don’t delay – talk to one of our tax lawyers at Tax Debt Sorted NZ right away and get control back over your finances.


Need a tax lawyer with great experience who is efficient at what they do? Get in touch with Tax Debt Sorted now.