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Are You in Over Your Head with Tax Debt?

If you need assistance with tax debt management, Tax Debt Sorted is here to help. As New Zealand’s tax debt specialists, we will communicate with the IRD on your behalf, using our expertise to negotiate the best possible tax debt repayment solutions. Our team of qualified tax lawyers and accountants have combined over 13 years’ experience working at the IRD – we know the jargon and we understand the system from the inside out.

At Tax Debt Sorted we will listen to your individual story, evaluate the situation and then negotiate the best possible outcome, be it a tax debt write-off or a reasonable repayment plan. And as soon as we are on board we will set up a tax debt negotiation period, bringing late payment penalties to a halt.

Navigating the tricky world of tax debt and tax arrears on your own is confusing and frustrating. Get in touch with our tax debt brokers. Our small team of professionals operate in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington and throughout NZ.

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I had used several tax lawyers and accountants try and resolve my tax debt issues, and they were unsuccessful. I found David online and decided to use his tax debt management services. I found he was very understanding of the difficulties in my situation, and very effective at resolving this on my behalf with the IRD. I found his fees very reasonable for the effort and time he put into this. I would absolutely recommend David for any matter relating to tax debt or the IRD.
— Planning consultant, Auckland

Our family business got behind with our taxes after my husband was injured at work. Nothing seemed to be going right and IRD started legal action. Luckily our accountant referred us to David at Tax Debt Sorted.  We ended up with a great result and the business is back on track.
— Cleaning business, Waikato

Business was booming and we took on lots of new staff. Lots of work didn’t always mean lots of cash flow, and we got behind with GST and PAYE. The tax debt penalties and interest were horrendous, and the IRD started sending threatening letters all the time – David got in there and resolved the matter for us.
— Earthmoving, Canterbury

We got some really bad advice and ended up with a tax audit. Once that was all over, there were penalties and interest to pay on tax arrears. I thought it was never going to end — so stressful! Thanks for all the hard work, Dave — no more sleepless nights!
— Dentist, Bay of Plenty

I engaged with Rosie to get her help with some messy old debt owed to IRD. She was amazing to deal with and nothing was too hard for her to do. She negotiated a manageable repayment and also achieved an impressive write off. This has changed everything for us and we can now focus on building our business.
I cannot recommend Rosie enough. Thank you for being so awesome!

— Bay of Plenty

Why You Need Tax Debt Sorted

Our tax debt specialists understand that tax debt is stressful, with IRD interest and penalties quickly adding up. It is easy for the tax debt or tax arrears to get out of control. Our 100% transparent tax debt brokers have the knowledge, experience and tax debt negotiation skills to get you sorted and back on your feet.