At Tax Debt Sorted we see how a small tax debt issue can very quickly turn into a major tax debt problem. Most situations that individuals and business owners find themselves in are mainly due to a mistake, poor advice or an unexpected scenario.

Unresolved tax debt management snowballs into the IRD breathing down your neck and many sleepless nights for those who find themselves in this unfortunate predicament.

If you are under investigation or an audit and need a tax lawyer, get in touch with the team at Tax Debt Sorted. We have achieved success for clients in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout the country for a number of years.

Our tax debt lawyers have worked at the IRD

Our team of qualified Tax Lawyers have a combined 13 years of experience of working at the IRD. That means they have the ‘inside track’ on understanding how the system works from the inside out and speak the ‘IRD language’ fluently. With this extensive knowledge they quickly evaluate and seek resolution on your behalf.

Tax lawyers are skilled negotiators who act quickly

Our Tax Lawyers will listen to your story, evaluate the situation and start immediately negotiating for the best possible outcome. With our unique knowledge of tax laws, IRD policy and procedure, we can negotiate installment plans and a partial and full tax debt write off. This will stop the daily accruing late penalties, and interest that can seriously mount to astronomical figures.

They know how the investigations work at the IRD and what they need to achieve

With such vast experience working with the IRD, A Tax Lawyer can focus on the anticipated actions the IRD will make to recover the tax debt owed. Fundamentally the IRD wants to recover monies owed, however they will take and will go to lengths to recover what they can.

The IRD, from a business perspective wants to keep the economy ticking along and is willing to work with the distressed business. If they can help salvage a business that has just got into a little bit of trouble and work with the management of the tax debt, then it is a ‘win-win’ situation for all those involved.

When you hire a Tax Debt Lawyer, you are seeking the advice from a specialist that will sift through legal code. This saves you time that could be better spent on your business, which certainly outweighs the cost of a Tax Debt Lawyer. Whether you are in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch or anywhere else in NZ and need to hire a Tax Lawyer or need to seek tax debt management advice, Tax Debt Sorted is here to listen and help.